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Versitile Light & Fun

REI Advisors asked me to test the Atreyu Base Trail Runner. A new style and look I found a pleasure to run in. The sole grips with super light comfort for speed on rough terrain. Perfect for my style of rock hopping, street and deep trail. These shoes will get you up a grade and down a rocky face with firm grippy gusto. All runners know an ankle turn at full speed can mean recovery time, its nice to have confidence shoes will grip to prevent injury. Go ahead, run to your MAX!

Also like the versatility, even hopped on my Mtn Bike in the Atreyu. Best afternoon workout is a trail run to summit yoga practice with a slow paced meditaion walk home. No need to remove shoes for practice, I really loved that.

Light quick-drying they will be the one shoe in your travel bag. Bonus logo on the sole is nice for backtracking. Even a seasoned runner can miss a turn, the distinctive Fly logo tracks will allow you to retrace your trail but fade for no trace. I highly recommend for cross-training enthusiasts.

@rei, and hashtag #reiproductadvisors! received free product in exchange for an honest review

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